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Electrolytes are essential for proper functioning of the whole body. They are responsible for the transport and absorption of water, the functioning of the nerves and work of the muscles, including the heart muscle. They can be found in every cell of the body and in every fluid. Only the proper level of electrolytes in the organism guarantees its hydration, that is the reason why drinking water is not always enough.

Electrolytes that are the most important for human body are sodium, potassium and chloride. Reducing their levels results in dehydration, fatigue and malaise, accelerated breathing, muscle aches and cramps or cardiac disorders.

Electrolytes ensure optimal hydration of the body both during and after diarrhea. The way to eliminate dehydration and accelerate recovery is to ingest the electrolytes. Their composition is the result of many years of research, experience and clinical trials. They are precise in proportion of mineral salts and glucose, which is essential in transporting water to the cells.
Dissolve one sachet in 200ml of water, serve in portions during the first 3-4 hours of irrigation:
– children up to 15 kg of body weight – 4 sachets (800 ml of prepared liquid)
– children over 15 kg body weight and adults – 6 sachets (1200 ml of prepared fluid)
After this time, in order to sustain irrigation, the fluid prepared according to the above mentioned recipe should be administered in 100 ml portions after each defecation or emesis. The liquid should not be cooled down. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.