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Stimmunix has been designed to provide the body with the necessary amount of components responsible for the proper functioning of the immune system. In order to protect our body from bacteria and viruses effectively, it is necessary for the immune system to interact with many vitamins and chemical radicals that are hardly ever provided with food in the proper amount.

Stimmunix contains all the necessary elements that, like puzzles, form a complementary barrier protecting our health. This protection is especially needed in autumn and winter, as well as in early spring.

LACTOFERRIN is a protein that, when taken with the mother’s milk, forms the first line of defense against pathogenic micro-organisms in newborns. It is present on the mucous membranes of every human, forming a natural barrier against infection.
LACTOFERRIN also has a strong ability to bind to iron ions. Because of the chelation of iron ions by lactoferrin the pathogenic microorganisms start to loose the iron necessary for their reproduction – thus, the limited growth of the bacteria and viruses.

Reinforcement of the immunity by ensuring proper epithelial functions. Protection of the organism from infections, especially the respiratory tract.

Reinforcement of the immunity by protecting the body against free radicals and other toxins.

Reinforcement of the immunity by participating in antibody production and increasing appetite.

Reinforcement of the immunity by stimulating T lymphocytes responsible for pathogen destruction.

Creates the first line of defense against pathogenic microorganisms.